RegenKit® PRP

Leukocyte-reduced Platelet-Rich Plasma harvesting

Platelet-Rich Plasma, an isolate of the patient’s own blood, has proven to have a range of therapeutic skincare benefits, both alone, and to optimise the clinical outcomes of other treatments such as laser, RF micro needling or fat grafting. Platelet-rich plasma has a high concentration of growth factors, which enables it to support the bodies self-healing process. Regen Lab Kits are Medical Devices for therapeutic use, not simply blood collection tubes. The process is fully automated, and provides a high recovery (80%) of fully functional platelets, with an extremely low level of undesirable cellular contaminants.

Regen Lab uses a unique technology called thixotropic separating gel. The gel is biologically inert and specifically designed for platelet and plasma isolation from blood cells. During centrifugation the gel becomes less viscous, detaching from the glass walls and migrating in a whole mass over the denser blood elements. At the end of the centrifugation the gel regains its solid state and forms a solid barrier between blood components.

• Wrinkles

• Post laser

• Scars

• Hair and scalp

• Stretch marks

• Dark circles

Regen Lab uses Sodium Citrate as a fully-reversible anticoagulant. It has a neutral pH (pH=7), and has no ancillary effect on the patient. Its other benefit is that the pH level does not change as it does with PRP preparations using ACD-A anticoagulant, which is highly acidic (pH=4.5-5), contains hyperomolar dextrose, and triggers more pain than sodium citrate. The anticoagulant is already in the tube, making it a closed loop circuit.

• Quality, safety and efficiency

• Fully automated process, simple and easy procedure 

• Blood component separation at the cellular level

• High recovery (80%) of fully functional platelets

• Extremely low level of undesirable cellular contaminants

• Regen Lab devices are Medical Devices for therapeutic use, and not simply blood collection tubes. 

• Platelets and plasma remain over the separator gel in the upper part of the device with a few mononuclear white blood cells. The rest of the buffy coat is trapped below the separator gel with the red blood cells in the lower part of the device.

Features & Benefits

User Independant

Scientific Advantages Efficacy & Safety

Multiple Uses Many Indications

Closed Circuit No Contamination

Depletion of Eryhtrocytes

High Recovery Re-education

Clinically Supported Over 200 Papers

RegenPRP Mechanism of Action


Formation of the tridimensional fibrin network


Release of chemo-attractants by platelets and leukocytes present in the network


Cell proliferation


Progenitor cell differentiation into several cell types needed for tissues restoration

The High-Quality RegenLab PRP ProcessOne step system separating gel technology 


Collect blood directly into RegenBCT® tubes using a blood collection set.


Once the butterfly needle is in the vein, insert the tube in the holder to collect blood automatically.


Invert the tube 3 times to mix the anticoagulant with whole blood.


Centrifuge for 5 minutes at 1500g.


Blood components are separated after centrifugation.


Gently rock the tube at least 20 times to ensure that the platelets are detached from the separating gel. 


Connect the Luer Lock Syringe to the transfer device.


Connect the RegenBCT® tube to the transfer device to extract RegenPRP.


Connect a needle to syringe: RegenPRP® is ready for use.

Clinical Results