Smooth as Millk – As seen in Professional Beauty

Professional Beauty Sep-Oct 2019 Millk was established 15 years ago by three men: Simon Barnes, Anthony Savva and Peter Laburn. Michelle Ruzzene catches up with director and manager Simon to find out how they overcame gender norms to run a thriving beauty business. Tell us about your relationship with Cryomed? “We have a great relationship with Cryomed. Most of the equipment I have now I have purchased through them. Josh has great ability when it comes to sourcing quality machines at an affordable cost for the end user. I trust their recommendations as I have found them to be focused on looking after the customer and making sure they are happy with what they have purchased. Most importantly, I feel Josh is dedicated to supplying equipment that actually works and delivers results. Since our inception in 2004, I have had many companies approach me trying to sell equipment that was just not legitimate. Prompt help from your supplier is crucial if you are running a number of machines; we get that support from them.” DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

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