Etherea MX

The ultimate laser and light-based combination device, treating over 70 indications

If your patients present with a wide range of skin ageing and pigmentation problems, vascular indications and tattoo removal requirements, Etherea MX is the single light-based solution that can transform your practice.

Product description

  • New generation broad spectra IPL technology
  • Exclusive SQUARE-WAVE PULSE®
  • 6 plug-and-play ‘cut-off’ filters and multi-spot tips
  • Integrated cooling/contact sapphire cooling
  • Precise VascuTip® for smaller lesions
  • Wide treatment area: up to 4.6cm2
  • High repetition rate: up to 2Hz for efficient treatment times


  • Non-ablative laser infrared
  • Infrared bulk heating tightens tissue and promotes collagenesis
  • Pre-post integrated cooling, allows more aggressive treatment options, with optimal safety and comfort for patients
  • Versatile face and body indications


  • 1064nm fractional Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser with 532nm KTP handpiece
  • Proven technology suitable for darker skin types
  • 1064nm spots at 3, 5 & 7mm and 9mm with a 100mtz/cm2 fractional lens


  • Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser
  • Utmost precision, efficacy and safety for vascular lesion treatment
  • 4 spot sizes (2, 3, 6, 9mm)
  • Fluency up to 500J/cm2 for maximum treatment range
  • Variable pulse: 0.3 to 1ms



  • Nd:YAP 1340nm fractional laser
  • Delivers high dose of collimated energy via microscopic treatment zones (MTZ). Generates high levels of heat in the subdermal tissue for optimal results
  • 8mm/100mtz/cm2 and 10mm/400mtz/cm2 square spot shapes provide greater visibility and maximum safety


  • 1540nm Erbium Glass Laser
  • Spot sizes: 8mm/100mtz/cm2, 10mm/400mtz/cm2 fractional lens


  • Er:YAG + CO2 Dualmode® laser
  • 4 spot sizes
  • Double pulsed (stacking) system for increased RTD and improved collagen stimulation at depth
  • Vaporisation and coagulation in the same shot
  • DualMode InLift intraoral treatment option for snoring treatment: 1064 nm: 2.5 (sold separately) and 6 mm collimated lenses, 8 mm with a 100 mtz/cm2 fractional lens and 8 mm with a 400 mtz/cm2 fractional lens
  • DualMode Athena for intimate female rejuvenation. Athena 90+ fractional handpiece and Athena 360° fractional handpiece



DualMode’s combination of ablative pulses and coagulation increases the residual thermal damage and the consequent direct stimulation of laser on collagen. The intensity of coagulation is demonstrated with different pulse widths (levels 1, 2 and 3).


DualMode’s combination

Research Papers and News

Etherea 1340 Results

combining etherea®s 1340 prodeep and 2940 dualmode improves results

Etherea 2904

etherea®s 2940 dualmode® laser handpiece rivals established competitors

Etherea Defines Versatility

etherea® defines versatility and efficacy in aesthetic treatments

Etherea's Expandable Platform

Fractional Laser Comparison

fractional ablative laser vs fractional ablative and coagulative laser
fractional ablative laser vs fractional ablative and coagulative laser

Wide Range of Treatments

etherea® addresses wide range of aesthetic treatment indications

Product Videos and features

Unique Expandable Technology

  • Combination IPL/Laser technology
  • Global recognition for innovative technology and clinical results
  • Combines six therapies in one expandable platform
  • Combination therapies offers unique treatment power
  • Significantly safer procedures: enhanced fractionation microzones in laser spots increase the beam’s action on tissue
  • Square shape for most spots makes application easier and significantly improves repeatability of results

Comprehensive Treatment for 70+ Indications

  • Photorejuvenation
  • Fractional ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Deep and superficial Vascular lesions
  • Acne
  • Melasma
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Skin Tightening
  • Vulvovaginal atrophy
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Snoring
  • Scar Reduction
  • Hair Removal
  • Striae
  • Fractional photothermolysis
  • Laser toning
  • Skin rejuvenation
etherea mx
ANVISA 80058580015
Registration FDA/TGA/CE/ISO
European Conformity – CE 0470
Electrical Requirement 220-240 V/ 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 1900 VA
Dimensions 469 x 505 x 1034 mm (operating position) 469 x 505 x 855 mm (transportation position)
Weight 45Kg

Clinical results

Treats Over 70 Indications


ETHEREA, specifically with the DualMode and ProDeep handpieces, brings great benefits to my clinical practice. The clinical efficacy of their technology has been proven, particularly for indications related to rejuvenation, where quite significant tightening effects can achieved, as well as great results that can compete on equal footing in the dermatology market. Compared to other devices on the market, ETHEREA offers physicians a therapeutic option with perfect parameter synergy.

Dermatologist; Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil

I have been using ETHEREA for a long time and my patients and I are very pleased with the results. It is a broad-spectrum platform with versatile therapeutic options ranging from ablative and non-ablative fractional LASER to IPL-Sq and ACROMA-QS, enabling the performance of a wide range of procedures in doctor offices. Additionally, the assistance and support services provided give my practice full reliability and safety – a factor I consider crucial when talking about medical technology.

Dermatologist; Curitiba, PR. Brazil

I’ve been using the Etherea MX for over a year and I have found it particularly effective for skin rejuvenation, treating pigmentation and vascular lesions and poikladerma”
The Etherea is equipped with the IPL-Sq handpiece, using square-wave pulse technology. Unlike traditional IPL systems, this technology releases energy through a controlled and microprocessed disharge to deliver uniform energy all along the pulse. This ideal configuration helps to ensure higher safety and efficacy of clinical procedures, as well as improved aesthetic outcomes.

Etherea is a very innovative, expandable aesthetic treatment platform boasting state-of-the-art technologies that can be used for a piethora of cosmetic indications.

NSW Dermatologist from Neapen Dermatology

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