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Aesthetic Medical Practitioner (AMP) Issue 17 Accurate, high quality ‘before’ and ‘after’ patient photos are of great importance to aesthetic practitioners and can help them explain treatments to new patients to assist each patient make a fully informed decision. Showing before and after photographs of previous patients’ outcomes can provide reassurance to a patient concerned about the risks of a particular procedure. It has been shown that the conversion rate from mere interest in a procedure to a ‘decision to proceed’ is much higher when the patient is provided with photos. With existing patients, a range of high quality before and after photographs or videos taken at multiple angles can assist practitioners to fully explain a procedure, as well as deal with a patient’s expectation of results. When patients are disappointed, photographs are useful for making comparisons and pointing to the success of a treatment, as patients often forget how they looked before the procedure. In the case of litigious patients, high quality photographic documentation will be of utmost evidential importance. DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

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