TESLAChair - Functional Magnetic Stimulation TESLA Chair

Introducing the TESLAChair

The TESLA Chair is a revolutionary new machine – using functional magnetic stimulation – designed for rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine. Developed over a decade ago by Iskra Medical, who specialises in machines that provide electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser therapy and more. The TESLAChair was developed with user-friendly operation and safety as the main criteria. It has since been widely acclaimed in both medical and aesthetics industries as a leading product in pain treatment & urinary incontinence.

How does TESLAChair work?

The scientific explanation is that a magnetic field is generated by a pulse of current inside the EM (electromagnetic) mechanism. This induces a current that triggers the motor nerve system of the body, stimulating the targeted muscles to contract. How is the motor nerve system triggered? Rapid changes of magnetic field intensity induce an electrical current in the neuron. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction. Once the current reaches a certain value, a so-called neuron action potential is achieved. This causes the neuron cell to depolarize, which eventually leads to a complete muscle contraction and the outcomes boost circulation, nutrition and pain relief. How it works during treatment is that the electromagnetic waves are directed into the selected area to stimulate muscles for the desired effect. The method delivers a Magnetic field strength up to 1.7 Tesla and is painless and comfortable because it does not involve direct skin contact for anyone receiving treatment. The design of the TESLA Chair makes it easy to reach every part of the body. There are many ways the TESLAChair works, you can click here find out more about what TESLAChair does in treating urinary incontinence and lower back pain.

What does TESLA Chair do?

The TESLAChair uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) that is designed to provide electro-magnetic which has helped thousands of people by stimulating deep muscle structures that cannot be achieved through other ways.
  • Stimulates the muscle tissue without direct skin contact
  • It helps people with Musculoskeletal disorders: degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical pain, muscle pain
  • Spinal disorders: acute/chronic lumbago, hip gout (sciatica), spina bifida, spondylitis
  • Nerve disorders: peripheral nerve damage, and nerve rehabilitation after fractures.
  • Muscle relaxation, frozen shoulder
  • Pain control for muscle atrophy, spasm
  • Genitourinary diseases: prostate pain
  • Acute pain control
  • Sports injuries
To find out more about obtaining the TESLAChair for your practice click here.

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