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How does Cooltech fat freezing work?

Cooltech fat freezing works by using cryolipolysis to lower the temperature of your fat to freeze, kill and then dispose of it through natural metabolism. You can learn about what Cooltech fat freezing is here. Here are some things to know about exactly how Cooltech fat freezing works. The device has different sizes and shapes of handpieces that have built-in sensors to apply a controlled cooling temperature ranging from -8 to -5 °C  to the fatty tissue cells. Read more about the side effects of freezing fat cells here. It only breaks down the fat cells it targets, meaning your skin tissue, muscle, and nerve fibers are unaffected. This is because these areas freeze at a much lower temperature than what is used to target the fat cells. When you visit a professional clinic on the day of treatment, here’s what to expect:
  • The Cooltech handpieces are placed on your specific target area. These are designed to ensure that whatever area of the body is treated, the maximum effect will be achieved safely. You’ll feel no more than an ice pack over the area, with an anti-freeze gel applied first. The gel is to prevent the skin from getting too cold during treatment.
  • The freezing treatment takes about 1 hour. Afterward, your cold skin section will be massaged back to its normal position (it looks like a frozen lump of butter!)  The procedure is not painful, just a little uncomfortable when the blood returns to the area while being massaged.
  • You’ll start to see results up to 12 weeks after treatment, however continued results can be noticed up to several months, with a well maintained diet and exercise regime. Fat cells will be naturally excreted out of your body through the liver within weeks.  However, as with many cosmetic treatments, results can vary from person to person, and it may take a few weeks or even months to notice. This is because after treatment your remaining fat cells will shrink, further reducing the size of the treated area over time.
Cooltech fat freezing is referred to as a walk-in-walk out procedure – also called a lunchtime procedure. It’s great for contouring and reducing body fat. Jenny from Southern Cosmetics in Melbourne says, “The main thing my patients love about the Cooltech treatment is that they can see real improvement in their areas of concern, often after only one treatment. These results continue to improve after the second treatment if it is required.” “We find the clients that get the best results have a reasonable pocket of fat that they wish to reduce, but even slim clients see results if they have a small problem area.” You can read more from Jenny on Cooltech here. Discover more about the Cooltech fat freezing device here.

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