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Side effects of freezing fat cells with Cooltech

Cooltech fat freezing is a popular method of permanent non-surgical fat removal and body contouring, but what are the side effects? Devices such as Cooltech are able to provide effective fat removal treatment and significant results with minimal side effects. You can read more about Cooltech in our blog: What is Cooltech Fat Freezing. Most people report not feeling anything with the Cooltech fat freezing procedure, besides a slight tugging from where the skin is sitting between the two cooling arms. The treatment procedure does not involve any anesthesia or incisions so there is no downtime and is considered a “lunchtime” treatment. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately following the treatment. You can find out how Cooltech works here. Cooltech fat freezing treatment patient Millie says, “I found the arms were the most sensitive area – that took roughly 1 week to heal however treatments in other areas, there was no pain whatsoever.” “It was slightly uncomfortable when the area was massaged after the treatment, however I had no additional pain. The clinic explained the process very well and were very informative on the treatment. I knew exactly what to expect.” You can read more about Millie’s experience with Cooltech here. Whilst you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of not having to undergo surgery, anaesthesia, & recovery time, there are few side effects. So, what are the side effects of freezing fat cells? The most common side effect during treatment is a tugging sensation which is something most people endure with no pain. The side effects recorded afterward are minimal, and most patients will experience a little bit of redness, bruising, minor swelling, sensitivity, numbness in the area that was treated. Other side effects could be one or more of the following. Most of these are temporary and go away within a day or two after treatment.
  • Researches found a common side effect is a little pain, stinging, aching, cramping and tenderness at the treatment site. These typically last between 3 – 11 days post-treatment.
  • Some swelling, redness & bruising might also occur which is again a common side effect and will go away after about a week on average and happens because of the temperature the area being exposed to.
  • In some cases, you may experience a very rare side effect of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia or visibly enlarged tissue volume in the area that was treated.
Cooltech fat freezing isn’t a complete weight loss procedure. Weight loss comes with a dedicated balance of food intake and exercise. Cooltech fat freezing is a body remodeling process and ideal for people looking for improvements in specific areas of the body. It is important to remember that while fat freezing is considered a non-surgical treatment and is not expected to have any severe side effects, ensuring your practitioner is fully qualified, trained and experienced in performing the procedure will help to minimise the side effects. Cooltech fat freezing has extensive research and technology behind it ensuring the patient experience is as comfortable as possible. Find out more about Cooltech here.

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